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Every now and then, we at 21 Tricks have received articles from quite good writers on the topic of blackjack. Obviously we could never publish all the articles in the main navigation of the site as that would require a full site rewrite but we have over time published some of the best ones and have slowly built up a handy blackjack article database.

During a recent site redesign we have started moving more of the extra articles to the various navigation structures contained in the site. We will keep this page for posterity and to help visitors that land on this page from the search engines find the content page that led them here.

This page will also link to some pages which may have existed within main navigation which now have been moved here as the main navigation structure changes.

Variations of Blackjack (published 24 November 2006)

Blackjack Insurance – Yes or No? (Published 19 May 2009)

Blackjack for Online Users (published 12th January 2010)

BlackJack Card Counting (published 17th August 2012)

BlackJack Live Online (published 17th August 2012)

BlackJack Split Hands (published 17th August 2012)


Additional Articles covering Blackjack and Casino Reviews

The links to pages below have been removed from the main navigation of the website for various reasons. Sometimes they might be reviews of operators that might have ceased operation, or that we no longer recommend due to a variety of reasons. We may have found their trustworthiness is in question, or possibly that they have been extremely slow to pay players when they cash out their winnings, or they might have pulled out of the markets served, or possibly they no longer market their casino through online portal channels.

Jackpot City Blackjack

Ladbrokes Blackjack


William Hill Casino

Omni Blackjack

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