Blackjack Card Counting

Explaining the Method of Card Counting while Playing Blackjack

Card Counting in Blackjack is predominantly used in the game of blackjack where a player will sit and keep tally mentally of all the high and low cards that have presented themselves and hence can calculate the probability of the value of the next card and whether it will benefit the dealer or the player. High numbered cards benefit the player whereas low numbered cards benefit the dealer.

This type of play is also known as advantage play, as the player will bet according to the cards that are already on the table and the probability of him receiving the cards that he still needs.

Card counting is definitely illegal if you are using any device to count cards such as your cell phone, pen and paper, tablet or any other device. Should a player be caught, they will either be asked to leave the casino, to cease playing at a specific table or tables, or even be banned for life.

However there is a great belief that card counting, using your head, is not illegal, but this does definitely seem to be in contradiction to what casinos generally feel. Someone who card counts is not encouraged in any casino, as card counting leads to the casino being the loser the player being the winner. This in itself is not frowned upon until the player wins far more than what the casino does.

Many croupiers and casino personnel are specifically trained to spot card counters, and if these staff members don’t catch on to what is going on, then there is always the CCTV cameras that are now in most casinos that keep an eye on all tables to ensure that unscrupulous and dishonest play does not occur.

So to put it in a nutshell, Card Counting in Blackjack or any other card game is definitely considered illegal in just about all casinos and should you be caught, your photo will be taken and you will not only be asked to leave the casino or may even be banned from the casino for life, but your information will also be shared with other casinos, and hence make it difficult to play at most of the reputable Blackjack tables.

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