Blackjack on the Internet

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Online Blackjack?

Since when is there a difference between a blackjack game on the internet and a blackjack game in a casino? Why would there be a difference? Well, the major difference comes in the form of your inability to count cards in the online version of blackjack. In a casino, smart blackjack players perform extraordinary feats of mental gymnastics, scoring a points system to tell them what the probability is of another 10 card being dealt. This allows them to bet more aggressively and in fact takes blackjack strategy into the realm of a positive expectation. Professional gamblers employ this method and casinos employ advanced measures to find card counters. The norm then is for the casino to ask the player to leave.

So, why play online blackjack? Well, are you a professional blackjack player? Are you a card counter? If so then of course you will find that the world here excludes those small edges you have. However, our featured casinos from Microgaming actually have approved software that plays perfect strategy for you. No more mistakes, Microgaming’s Viper software has an autoplay function that plays perfect strategy (minus the card counting). Add to this the deposit bonuses and you have a virtual match for any casino in the world. If you play honestly and fairly then you will have some good runs and some bad ones too but you will experience a great diversity in the online world. You will find various blackjack game versions as well as well known 21 games too.

The biggest plus though is that you won’t have the free drinks that a casino supplies to distract you and lead you into a bad play. You won’t have some casino representative throwing you out because they suspect you are counting cards. Just plain and simple games, all a click away. No fuel cost to and from the casino. No wear and tear on your vehicle. No ad hoc spending.

Online blackjack is available in all online casinos. Visit our blackjack casinos page to find a good casino where you can play blackjack. Although the bonuses do help towards leveling the odds, many casinos won’t allow bonus funds to be used to fund blackjack play. I have listed a few of them merely because their customer service and general casino experience is of such a high quality.

Overall though, it’s our opinion that playing blackjack online is a more controlled experience and in the long run, you are going to experience more predictable results because there are less distractions.

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