Tournament Blackjack Online

Tournament Blackjack

Blackjack tournaments online put you in direct competition with other players, not the casino dealer.

All Tournament Players Start with the Same Bankroll

The number of hands you are playing and your bankroll is the same. Since all players start evenly matched, all players have the same chance to survive the round. In a round of play (which has a designated number of hands), the player with the most chips wins and moves on to the next round. More than two players may advance to the next round.

Players are whittled down from the large field of starters to a final table of six (or seven) players who play a final round to determine the overall winner. Usually, the winner receives most of the awards while the others receive less. However, it is always the goal of every tournament player to finish “in the money” or make it to the final table. The game’s purpose is to have more chips at the end of a round than your opponent.

To advance in a tournament, you don’t need to “win” a lot of chips. Think of a scenario where you start with 5,000 chips and finish with 500 chips. If your chips are more than those of your opponents, then you will win. Because of this, you must keep track of your opponents’ bankrolls and their cards in tournament play, so you know whether you are ahead or behind in chip count as the rounds progress.

Rules You Shouldn’t Break in Blackjack Tournaments

In blackjack tournaments, players who violate two blackjack tournament rules will either lose a tournament or be disqualified immediately from that tournament. Firstly, you can place a “string bet,” which involves holding several chips in your hand and letting them fall sequentially into the betting area.

If you wish to bet on a blackjack tournament, you need to bring all of your chips into your betting spot at one time, which means you should stack the number of chips you desire to wager outside of your betting spot and then slide the stack with one motion into the betting spot.

You will be given back the second chip you bet if you make a string bet or add another chip to your betting spot. There have been cases where players lost their last hand due to playing the first chip to hit the felt in the betting spot.) You also want to avoid talking to observers during the final round. The majority of tournaments do not allow it.

2nd Rule Commonly Enforced in Final Round

It is common, in most tournaments, for players to not talk to their opponents during the final championship round. (In one tournament we recently witnessed, a player began talking in a foreign language to an observer, and the observer replied in the same language.) Be careful not to talk in the final round. We have seen instances where some casinos enforce a “no talking” rule during the entire tournament.

These days, many online casinos offer Blackjack Tournaments; however, below, we have focused on WGS and RTG as they have the Best Blackjack Tournaments in our view.

WGS Blackjack Tournaments

Tournament blackjack play is available at many of WGS Technology’s casinos, and players have a wide range of choices when it comes to the games they play and whether they compete in a daily, weekly, or monthly tournament.

Many casinos associated with the brand offer WGS tournaments focused on slot machines, though some also offer blackjack and video poker tournaments. WGS tournaments are also scheduled within a specific time frame and end at the exact time displayed on the website.

You can enter a WGS Technology Casino tournament regardless of whether you are a new player or a seasoned one; after registering as a real money player, go to the “Tournaments” page on the casino website and select the style and game of your choosing.

Casino tournaments usually charge players from free to $5.00 to enter, and sometimes players need an invitation to participate. Whichever tournaments casino players choose, they are sure to enjoy the game and the thrill of seeing the most successful participants reach the top.

Currently one of our top recommendations for online blackjack tournament play in a WGS Casino would be Miami Club Casino.

RTG Blackjack Tournaments

In many RTG casinos, tournaments are open to all players. If the player wishes to participate in the tournament and win any payouts from the prize pool, they must register for the tournament. Some casinos will host invitation-only tournaments. Invitations could be given randomly or reserved for high rollers. No matter what type of tournament is held, all players will have an equal chance of winning.

Some RTG casinos offer single tournaments that are just two people. Almost all of the better RTG casinos now offer Sit-N-Go type blackjack tournaments.

We have a few recommendations for blackjack tournament play at RTG casinos. One place is Roaring 21 casino, or you may also want to check out the blackjack at Uptown Aces Casino. There are also a number of other casinos reviewed throughout the site. We give you all the Tricks for 21.