Blackjack for Dummies

Where to Learn How to Play Blackjack

If you are new to Blackjack and want to know a bit more, we have developed this site with you in mind. First of all ‘Welcome’ to 21Tricks! As blackjack players ourselves, and casino game converters, we can say that you are about to learn the casino game that gives you the best odds.

Although we cannot give you an overall exact figure as to the payout percentage of Online Blackjack, we can confirm though that the payout’s are between 97% and 99% at online casinos (All depending on the particular Game Rules and the amount of card Decks being played). Coupled with keeping to the strategy card and taking sign-up offers, I would say that there is definitely an opportunity to make some money.

Lets go through the basics of blackjack

The Dealer draws a card for each of the players at the table (Multiplayer Blackjack) or one just for you and places it face-up so that the value can be seen. He then draws a card for himself which he also places face up. He will then draw another card (face up) for you.

The idea is that whoever has the closest to 21 in total wins. If you get more than 21 then you are bust and out the game.

10’s, Jacks, Queens and Kings = 10

Ace’s (A) = 1 or 11

All other cards equal there respective numbers. e.g. 9 = 9.

Now what basically puts the odds back in your favor, is that the Dealer must continue to pull cards up until he has 17 or more. The basic idea is that when playing you should always presume that the next cards to be pulled are going to be 10’s as 30% of the deck are 10 value cards.

Lets look at a play…

Dealer gives you 4 and then a 8 for himself. He then gives you your second card which is a 5.

You now have 9 and the dealer has 8.

You should now presume that the next cards that are going to be pulled are all tens. If you do this you will quickly calculate that the dealer will have 18 and you will have 19. In this case it is recommended that you stand as the dealer has little chance of beating you and has to stand if he gets 17 or above.

It is crucial for you to remember that getting 21 or less is a parameter and the real game is just about beating the dealer. If the dealer has a 6 and you have got to fifteen, stand! The odds are that the dealer will draw a 10 and with the rules, he will have 16 but HAVE to draw another card. At this stage the dealer will probably bust. Why on earth then would you want more than your 15? Remember, beat the dealer. Nothing else is as important.

Hopefully with a better understanding of the basics, this has helped you get up to speed. Please click here to see a list of Blackjack casinos you can play at. These casinos all offer free to play blackjack after you create an account, which will allow you to quickly get to grips with the game without really risking anything. We would suggest you become familiar with the game and then either use the sign-up offer, or you may decide to just sign up and make a very small deposit until you become more comfortable playing the game.

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