Many Blackjack Game Variations

List of Many Blackjack Game Variations

Black jack is a simple game that’s extremely popular and this is why online casinos have many variations of blackjack games for blackjack-loving players. Some purists may prefer the original, but there are other players out there who can’t wait to try the latest blackjack creation.

Here’s a just a few of the many variations you can choose from:

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 has a number of intricate payout’s and interesting little rule tweaks. Players receive payout bonuses when they have a 6-7-8, 7-7-7 or five or more cards that total 21. In Spanish 21, a player’s blackjack beats a dealer’s blackjack and the payout is still 3 to 2. Players can double down on any number of cards. Double down rescue is also an option. This happens when a player doubles down and decides to surrender only one wager. The original bet is forfeited, but the doubled portion of the bet is taken back. Players get all of these perks in Spanish 21, but they also lose all the 10s in the decks. Face cards are still in the mix. This certainly alters the game, but not the strategy. Basic strategy holds up pretty well in Spanish 21.

Double Exposure Blackjack

In this variation, both of the dealer’s cards are dealt face up. There’s no guessing what the hole card is. If you know that the dealer has to hit a soft 17, and you see a soft 17 in front of you, then you know what play to make with your own cards. Double Exposure is played with eight decks. Blackjack payout’s (including ties) are 1 to 1. With the exception of blackjacks, the dealer wins all other ties. Split aces can receive only one additional card.

Double Diamond Blackjack

Double Diamond Blackjack, or Super Fun 21, is played with a single deck. As the name implies, double diamond cards double the payout for blackjacks. If you have a blackjack hand that doesn’t have two diamonds, then your payoff is 1 to 1. If your blackjack hand does have two or more diamonds, your payout becomes 2 to 1.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack is played with eight decks. Players are allowed to double down on the first two cards dealt. Players can split only once, and doubling after the split is permitted. The dealer must stand on a soft 17, and there is no insurance offered.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is played with two decks. In this variant, the dealer must stand on a soft 17 hand. Doubling down is allowed, but only for hands valued at 9 or 11. Players cannot re-split, or double down after an initial split. There is also no surrender action offered.

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Blackjack Has Many More Variations

By no mean is the above list the only variations of blackjack that exist. You will find many more variants and ways to play 21 so keep reading our site for tricks to play.

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