Jackpot City Blackjack

JackpotCity Blackjack Tournaments offer card counters the chance to win big!

The world of online Blackjack is about to get even more exciting with the launch of Online Multiplayer Blackjack Tournaments!

JackpotCity.com Online Casino now offers all online casino players the chance to enjoy Multiplayer Blackjack Tournaments – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

These tournaments are geared towards card counting and offer players the chance to compete against one another. The Blackjack games consist of tables playing 2, 4 or 6 decks and provide the best Blackjack for beginner, intermediate and experienced players.

Daily Freerolls, Scheduled Tournaments and Sit n’ Go Tournaments can be enjoyed at JackpotCity.com Online Casino. Every game has 7 players competing for guaranteed prize money and the Non- Freeroll Tournaments have buy-ins from only $1.

JackpotCity.com Online Casino not only offers some of the internet’s best Blackjack and Slots Multiplayer Tournaments, but also provides players with over 300 top rated casino games and highly anticipated monthly promotions.

To take part in the Blackjack Multiplayer Tournaments please go to JackpotCity.com, download the free casino software, open a new casino account and go to the Tournaments section in the software.

What makes Jackpot City Multiplayer Blackjack Tournaments worth it?

  • Unlike the competition, they welcome and make card counting possible.
  • Unlike land-based casinos that utilize 7 decks of cards per game, they give you a choice of 2, 4 or 6 decks to provide for beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels.
  • Daily Freeroll Tournaments give Players the opportunity to hone in on their skills.
  • Inexpensive $1 Buy-in Tournaments allows Players to compete for bigger prize pots.
  • Each game incorporates 7 Players and 1 Dealer – 8 competitors in total.
  • Prize money for each game is guaranteed.

If you’ve got the “skills” – this is without a doubt the place to play Blackjack! Get in on the game and get counting without delay!

Tournament Styles

Scheduled Tournaments Scheduled Tournaments have a specific start and end time and require that you register in advance in order to play. The tournaments are displayed in your casino software and indicate the start time for registration as well as the tournament itself. In order to play in a tournament for which you have already registered, you have to log on to your JackpotCity.com Online Casino software on the appropriate day prior to the tournament’s starting time. Once it starts, you are automatically seated at the table.

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