Elimination Blackjack

What is Elimination Blackjack?

Elimination blackjack is a tournament form of this classic game that can be found in selected casinos and on one online casino, Ultimate Bet. The casino game online was invented by gambling champion, Russ Hamilton and is best known as the form of blackjack played at the famous Ultimate Blackjack Tour.

Rules of Elimination Blackjack

Rules for elimination blackjack may different from tournament to tournament but these gambling etiquette and gambling rules are the ones that are generally followed:

  • A maximum of 7 players are allowed around the blackjack table.
  • Elimination blackjack is played over thirty hands.
  • Players begin the tournament with anything between $10,000 and $100,000 in tournament chips. When played online at Ultimate Bet, for example, players begin the game with $25,000 in chips, which is also the maximum bet. At the same site, the minimum bet in the preliminary round is $500.
  • The house hits on a soft 17 and below and stays on hard 17 and above.
  • A shoe of six decks is used in elimination blackjack.
  • Players can split up to four times (excluding aces).
  • Players need to adhere to the minimum and maximum bet ranges of the tournament.
  • Doubling down is allowed with two cards only.
  • Surrendering is allowed.
  • Insurance is allowed (if the dealer”s up card turns out to be an ace).
  • Generally, players have 25 seconds to play their hand in a normal hand. Some organizations specify that players have 40 seconds to make decision on the elimination hand, while Ultimate Bet allows only 10 seconds on this hand.
  • A secret bet is allowed to be used one time during a tournament round. In this case, the other players around the table do not know the value of the player”s hand.
  • The last player left at the table or the player with the most chips at the end of the 30th hand, is declared the winner.

Being Eliminated from an Elimination Blackjack Tournament

The game is called elimination blackjack because players are eliminated at certain points during the game. There are essentially three ways that a player can be made to leave the game:

  • If they have the least number of chips out of all the players around the table on one of three elimination hands (8th, 16th and 25th).
  • If they cannot make the minimum wage required for a round.
  • If they lose all their chips.


Elimination blackjack is definitely one of the most intriguing types of tournaments, but not all casinos offer the same terms in their blackjack games. Many of the casinos listed here at 21 Tricks, such as Bovada Casino, offer tournament 21 and most often can be played at both a no download casino or a download casino. Some versions combine the fun of this classic game with elements of Texas Hold’em poker and introduces a new spin to blackjack strategy with its “secret bet” feature.

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