Ultimate Bet Tournament Blackjack

Overview of Ultimate Bet Tournament Blackjack

For the ultimate in blackjack fun and excitement, Ultimate Bet is the place to be. This online casino website offers excellent single player blackjack games with a good chance of beating the odds. However, for the real action, players are encouraged to try Ultimate Bet’s blackjack tournaments. This is the only site that offers elimination blackjack tournaments online and this version will leave players breathless.

Typically, Ultimate Bet blackjack tournaments have six or seven players around a table pitting it out against each other. The elimination of players takes place on the 8th, 16th and 25th hands. Ultimate Bet has added exciting features to its tournament rules, such as the right of each player to make one secret bet during the tournament, making bet sizing one of the most important elements in tournament strategy. Players have a genuine opportunity to make their gaming session more profitable than if they were simply playing single player blackjack on the site.

Ultimate Bet Blackjack Tournament Rules

  • Rounds: A minimum of two rounds is played during a typical tournament.
  • Number of Participants: Depending on the number of participants in the tournament, six or seven players are placed around the blackjack table.
  • Number of rounds: After the tournament registration ends, the number of rounds will be determined and finalized by the tournament manager.
  • Minimum participants: A minimum of thirty players need to be registered for an elimination tournament to begin. If there are less than thirty, the tournament will be canceled.
  • Sit and Go tournaments: Sit and Go elimination tournaments will begin when enough players have registered to fill the tables. These tournaments are usually played in 7, 14 and 21 fields.
  • Tournament winner: The winner of the final round of an elimination tournament is the one with the most chips after the thirtieth round. In the event of a tie after this round, playoffs are scheduled in order to declare a final winner.
  • Prizes: The tournament prize will be determined by the number of entrants or by the tournament manager.
  • Sitting out: Players are automatically disqualified from the tournament if they disconnect from or site or sit out for five consecutive hands.
  • Entry fees: Entry fees for the tournaments are decided on an individual tournament basis and players are encouraged to check out the fee before registering on Ultimate Bet’s site.
  • Basic credits: Players receive $25,000 in tournament money in any round before the final round.
  • Minimum/Maximum bets: Minimum bets are $500 and maximum bets $25,000 (paid in $500 increments).
  • Final round credits: Players receive $100,000 in tournament money for the final round.
  • Final round minimum/maximum credits: Minimum bets for the final round are $1,000 and maximum bets are $100,000.
  • Seating: Seating around the blackjack table is determined by a random draw before the first round. A rotating marker determines the betting order. Betting takes place in a clockwise position starting with the position of the marker.
  • Card decks: A 6-deck shoe is used in Ultimate Bet blackjack tournaments.
  • Shuffling: Cards are reshuffled after every round.
  • Dealer Play: The dealer hits on a soft 17 (or below) and stands on a hard 17 (or above).
  • Splitting: Players can resplit up to four hands. Aces can only be split once and one card down is received with each ace.
  • Doubling down: Players can double down after the first two initial cards are dealt. This includes after a split.
  • Surrender and Insurance: Both late surrender and insurance options are available at blackjack tournaments.
  • Payouts: Payout for a natural blackjack is 3:2 except in the case of a push. Split aces or ten-value cards do not constitute a blackjack.
  • Time Limits: Non-elimination hands have a 25 second time limit and 10 seconds on elimination hands and the thirtieth hand. The hand will automatically stand if the player does not act within the allotted time.
  • Secret Bet: Ultimate Bet blackjack tournaments come with an exciting secret bet feature that puts a new spin on blackjack strategy. The player is allowed one secret bet per round. The player can choose from a number of options such as taking insurance, doubling down, standing or surrendering – all in secret. The player’s action is revealed only after the dealer has finished playing. Obviously players cannot choose to split on the secret bet if he or she does not have enough credits to match the original bet.
  • Elimination rounds: On rounds 8, 16 and 25, the player with the lowest number of credits is eliminated from the tournament. Also, if players do not have enough money for the minimum bet, they are eliminated. If two players tie for the lowest number of credits, a playoff is held.


Elimination Blackjack was introduced by Ultimate Bet ahead of the $1-million 2006 CBS Ultimate Blackjack Tour, and since then has become a major draw card to this site and enjoyed by millions of players. By combining luck, strategy and fun, Ultimate Bet has certainly brought us the ultimate blackjack experience.

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